We Are

The Code

1. We Are…….Bold

To reach our communities and transform a city through Jesus Christ, we must act in courageous faith.

2. We Are…….Excellent

In all things we do we pursue excellence; in finances, resources and our image.

3. We Are…….Constant

Remembering where we came from is just as important to where we are going and who we are being called to reach, we will be relentless in the goals and vision of Create Church.

4. We Are…….Generous

We commit to give fully of our Time, Treasures, and Talents in our city and to one another.

5. We Are…….Committed

We will remain humble and always learning. We know we can learn from all experiences and we will strive to become greater as time continues.

6. We Are…….Creative

Creativity is important to us and as such will use all creative means for individuals to Experience God.

7. We Are…….One

We stand united behind the Vision of Create Church and will protect the integrity of our calling.

Pastor Gabriel Sobarzo 

family stairs

Pastor Gabriel Sobarzo is the founder and lead pastor of Create Church.  He has been in ministry for 15 years.  He and his wife Jessica live in Washington, D.C. with their daughter, Gabriella. Their eldest daughter, Te’a, lives in Arizona and their son, Robert, serves in the United States Army.